They're not prehistoric creatures of any kind. At all. Their something else. We call them Aboranychus. Raptor-like, but humanoid as well. Man-made creatures, they're hybrids, if you will.

Aboranychus (name meaning "Tree Claw") are a species of quadrupedal, carnivorous, reptilian humanoid creatures. Created as experiments by mixing dinosaur blood with humans, their bodies are designed for moving quickly through forested areas, and therefore, they often climb trees or high structures and wait for prey to pass by, then pounce, grabbing hold of victims with the flexible and strong tail. Aboranychus is the de facto "creature antagonists" of the series.


Physical AttributesEdit

Aboranychus ranged in size from 6–10 feet (2–3 m) tall, with a raptor-like head, very large claws on their hands which they could use for supporting their body weight in an ape-like stance (resembling Chalichotherium), and a long, prehensile tail. They were strong and extremely agile, and they were well-camouflaged in their home environment. Their legs are muscular so as to propel them towards their prey, as shown during gameplay, and they have a long tail for balance, be it while running or in a tree.

Behavior & TraitsEdit

In forested areas, as such is their natural home, Aboranychus usually hunted from high up among the canopy; quickly and quietly leaping from tree to tree, stalking its ground-based prey, then upon getting directly above its target, Aboranychus would lower itself into the lower branches of the tree and wrap its long prehensile tail around the victim to drag it up into the tree to its death.

Though Abornychus usually hunted from up in trees, they could alternatively hunt from on cliff faces or among scaffolding depending upon the environment. When in wide open spaces on the ground with no near canopy or confronted up on their high-vantage points by other animals, Abornychus could change their fighting tactics from their hunting tactics, going into a vicious, deadly frenzy in which they slashed madly at their enemy with their lethal claws and used their tail as a whip.

Abornychus appeared to be mostly solitary creatures, which lived within numbers in a single environment but hunted alone. However, they did apparently still have some form of social structure, as they were known to respond to and follow each other's calls from on high vantage points.



  • Aboranychus is the first fictional creature in the show.
  • The sound effects of Aboranychus are leopard growls and snarls mixed crocodile and snake hisses.
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