Astraspis. An armored-plated fish.
— Allen, about Astraspis

Astraspis (name meaning "Star Shield") is a genus of primitive jawless fish that originated during the Late Ordovician Era in what is now Central North America. Around 8 inches long, this primitive, armor-plated fish lacked fins and jaws and its head was covered in plates. It was a cousin of the earlier Haikouichthys and the Silurian Cephalaspis, as well as of modern-day lamprey and hagfish.

A large number of Astraspis were encountered in the episode "Eye of the Beast", and currently reside in the Primeval Aquarium enclosure of the park.


Era & DiscoveryEdit

Astraspis lived during the Ordovician, more than 450 million years ago. It was often preyed upon by Sea Scorpions. Therefore, it was very low on the food chain. It was first discovered in 1993.

Physical AttributesEdit

No more than about 6-10 inches in length, Astraspis was one of the smallest fish that ever existed. It was a jawless fish, lacked fins, and its only method of movement was with its tail. Because of that and its heavy shell-like armor, Astrapis was a poor swimmer and a bottom-feeder that fed on algae and similar substances. Because of this lifestyle, Astraspis had a large head with small eyes and a large sucking mouth. Astraspis had a green body and a yellow colored tail.

Behavior & TraitsEdit

Astraspis lived by going along the seabed and eating small food particles.


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