"360 million years ago. Welcome to the age of giant, armored fish. It's a whole new world."

The Devonian was the fourth period in Earth's history. During that point in time, a group of animals called amphibians walked onto dry land but were still bound to the water's edge. Meanwhile, in the seas, fish began to dominate. The Devonian lasted from 408-350 million years ago.

Facts[edit | edit source]


The Devonian was the beginning of a whole new world. In the last 50 million years since the end of the Silurian, the early form of plants known as Cooksonia had evolved into trees. But because there weren't any animals around to feed on them, these trees grew into vast forests and pumped oxygen into the air. Unfortunately, the air during the Devonian wasn't as oxygen rich as the water was, which is what caused the artnropods, like Brontoscorpio, to shrink into smaller bodies. Therefore, on land, while there were not yet creatures any larger than a centipede, there was however, plenty of life in the oceans during the Devonian. Sharks started to appear in the seas during the Devonian

Wildlife[edit | edit source]

The list of animals that lived during the Devonian:

Amphibians[edit | edit source]

Fish[edit | edit source]

Arthropod[edit | edit source]

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