Dinofelis is a killer of Australopithecus.
— Allen, about Dinofelis

Dinofelis (name meaning "Terrible Cat") is a genus of large prehistoric saber-toothed cat that originated during the Early Pliocene epoch in what is now North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. One of the earliest cats with saber teeth, it was a highly adapted and successful member of its family and would have been a common element within many environmental ecosystems within its range, during the relatively extensive (for big cats) period of time.

In the episode, The Walking Ape, a few Dinofelis, including a mother, father, and 2 cubs, were brought back to the park from Africa. They reside on Saber-tooth Rock.


Era & DiscoveryEdit

Dinofelis lived during the Early Pliocene epoch, 5 million years ago and died out during the Early Pleistocene epoch, around 1.2 million years ago. It was among the apex predators of its time.

Dinofelis was first discovered by Otto Karl Josef Zdansky in 1924.

Physical AttributesEdit

A prehistoric species of cat that is a member of the Saber Tooth variety, these cats had small sabers. Dinofelis didn't have the speed to bring down fast–running herbivores, so they specialized in killing slower prey that they can kill easily and quickly. Regardless, Dinofelis was only a distant relative of the modern cats or Smilodon and belonged to a completely different branch of the feline family.

Dinofelis was a medium-sized but powerful cat that possessed short, but prominent saber teeth. They were more short, broad and flat than the sabers of the much bigger and better known Smilodon, and less prone to breaking.

Behavior & TraitsEdit

Dinofelis was a solitary hunter, often running down its prey in a manner similar to modern pantherine cats (such as tigers and leopards) before delivering the killing blow. It lived in forests and open woodlands. It was a lone hunter and would stalk its prey carefully before pouncing and swiftly killing it with its sharp claws.

The front limbs of Dinofelis were particularly strong and muscular, allowing it to deliver debilitating strikes with its claws, and also to pin struggling prey to the ground. Its short saber-teeth could have been used to help deliver fatal wounds, especially to the neck region.

The favorite prey of Dinofelis were large mammals, such as antelope, pigs, horses, baboons and Australopithecus aferensis. It was not a fast runner, so would spend most of its time stalking its victims before making a sudden leap.



  • Dinofelis is the first prehistoric cat brought to the park.
  • The sound effects of Dinofelis are that of bobcat, cougar, jaguar, leopard, and panther sound effects.
  • Though Dinofelis hunted Australopithecus, it didn't hunt them as much as its relative, Megantereon.
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