On-Ride Edit

Guests enter an underground research facility where the time rover will pick them up. Once the riders get on, they pull up forward for a seatbelt check. They then proceed to a testing zone, where they are transported to prehistoric times. When they land, they come across a Torosaurus, a Triceratops, an Ornithomimus, a Parasaurolophus, and a Velociraptor. Seeker, their driver, then locks onto the signal of the tracker on. But the Polacanthus appeared and the rover picks up speed, and the ride becomes much bumpier. The scanner built into the rover picks up a big dinosaur, and Seeker thinks that it the Australovenator appears and roars. He pulls the rover to a full stop, but find out that the dinosaur is a Carnotaurus. The rover takes off away from the Carnotaurus and finds another big dinosaur with the scanner. The dinosaurs are in the sauropod forest are Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus. The rover starts to pull away again. The timer that counts down to the asteroid that causes the mass extinction claims that the asteroid is going to strike in 90 seconds, and the rover starts to pick up the pace. The scanner finds a Quetzalcoatlus and Nyctosaurus that are flying directly towards them. The rover drives down a small hill and dodges the pterosaur. Now in almost complete lighting, the rover speeds through the forest and picks up a pack of Coelophysis on the scanner that is running through the forest with them. The rover falls down another small hill and loses traction. The Giganotosaurus the riders saw (From Land Of Giants) appears in front of them and starts to chase after them. Seeker turns on the four-wheel drive system and successfully gets the rover away just before the Argentinosaurus gets the rover. Suddenly, a giant meteor starts striking the ground, and the rover performs evasive maneuvers to dodge the meteors in the darkness. After dodging the meteors successfully, the rover then stumbles upon the Allosaurus, which tries to lunge at them. This is where the ride takes the rider's photo. The rover takes off again into a small section of the forest where some of the trees are falling down. The scanner finds the Iguanodon, but Seeker decides to abandon the dinosaur and bring the rover back, as the asteroid is about to strike. A tree was about to fall on the rover, but the Phorusrhacos catches the tree and the rover proceeds. The asteroid strikes the ground and creates a flash of light, and the Tyrannosaurus is seen giving one last lunge. However, at the last second, the rover transports back to the institute, and somehow, the Iguanodon came with them. The rover then proceeds to the loading station. The riders then get off and proceed to some stairs, which leads to the gift shop.

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