They don't come much meaner than this. A giant Entelodon, the bully of the plains. These are distant relatives of the pig--two meters tall, aggressive, and built like tanks, but with a brain no bigger than an orange.
— Allen, describing Entelodon

Entelodon (name meaning "Perfect Tooth"), also known as the "Hogs from Hell", is a genus of entelodont artiodactyl that originated during the Middle Eocene in what is now North America, Europe, and Asia. Standing 2 meters tall and weighing around 1 ton, these are monstrous, prehistoric pig-like omnivorous animals are related to modern boars and pigs. Despite being an omnivores creature, Enteledon killed more often than foraged.

In the episode "The Big, the Small, the Bad, & the Ugly", three Enteledon, two males and a single female, were brought back to the park from Mongolia of 25 million years ago. They reside in a desert-like enclosure in the savannah section of the park.


Era & DiscoveryEdit

Entelodon lived during the Middle Eocene to Early Miocene, from over 44–18 million years ago. Enteledons distant ancestors of modern-day pigs, warthogs, and wild boars, hence their nickname "The Hogs from Hell". It shared its environment with animals like Hyaenodon, Chalicotherium, Cynodictis, and the giant Paraceratherium. Enteledon was first discovered in 1846 by Auguste Aymard. They were apex predators but competed with other predators such as Hyaenodon.

Physical AttributesEdit

Enteledons were large creatures, standing about 6 feet (2 m) tall, measuring 10 feet (3 m) in length, weighing at least 1 ton (2,000 lbs.), and were tank-like built mammals with bulky bodies, short, slender legs, and long muzzles. However, their brain was not much bigger than an orange.

Behavior & TraitsEdit

Credited as the "Bully of the Plains" of their time, Enteledons were highly aggressive creatures. Interestingly, despite their intimidating appearance, Enteledon weren't exactly carnivores, but were actually scavengers and omnivores as well, eating plants and animals alike.  

Enteledons also traveled in small numbers, in gang-like formations that harass other carnivores away from kills. For example, if a Hyaenodon made a kill, three Enteledons would be enough to drive off the Hyaenodon. Despite this, younger and smaller Enteledons were often hunted themselves by Hyaenodon.

During the mating season, Enteledon, especially the males, acted very aggressively towards one another. Therefore, they tried to establish who was the alpha male, or "top hog". As such, fighting over mates, food, and territory. Entelodons were their own worst enemy; which is evidenced by horrific tooth inflicted bite marks on the skulls of various individual Enteledons. And their fights were enough to put off even a fully grown, adult Paraceratherium.



  • The sound effects of Enteledon are slightly altered pigs, warthog, and wild boar sounds to make them seem more monstrous.
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