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Godinotia was a prosimian mammal, similar to the lemurs and the aye-aye of the modern age. About the size of a modern house cat, it was active mostly at night, not during the day unlike the true monkeys, such as Apidium, though it wasn't bothered by daylight either.

In the episode The Little Roo a couple of Godinotia were saved from a poisonous air gas and brought back to the park from Eocene Germany 50 million years ago.



Godinotia lived in the Early Eocene Period over 50 million years ago.


These primates possessed keen vision and amazingly dexterous hands which not only helped them to move among the branches, but also to wheedled out their favorite insect, even when they were beneath the bark. Godinotia were inventive and resourceful animals and, although they were solitary, these primates had a sociable future. Among their descendants in million years' time will be a hairless type of ape called Man. As dark hour went by, Godinotia often acted become less solitary.

Trivia Edit

  • Godinotia was the first primate to be brought to the park.
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