It may not look like it but this creature is a close relative of the raptors, but it is an Iberomesornis!
— George Boggs on Iberomesornis
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Iberomesornis is an extinct species of bird from the Early Cretaceous.

It lived in Spain. They appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs, Giants of the Land and Skies where they were depicted as having bright blue feathers. They harassed the migrating Ornithocheirus male, though were described as looking 'no bigger than insects', next to the huge adult Ornithocheirus. However, they attacked in numbers relentlessly nipping at the delicate wing membranes of the Pterosaur. At less than 15-20 grams in weight and with a wingspan of fewer than 20 centimeters, (as big as a large Owl and Sparrow) this little avian was certainly tiny compared to the 12-meter wingspan Ornithocherius male.

Even so, they drove him off - apparently as they were defending egg-laden nests (not that the huge Pterosaur could or would have bothered them) and saw anything around them, even a drinking giant Pterosaur which had no interest in egg nests within dense forests, as potential threats. They would have been pesky little insectivores, with supplements to their diet of other protein-rich foods they could obtain.

They reside in the Aviary enclosure of the park.

Trivia Edit

  • The sound effects of Iberomesornis are that of as well as a flamingo, toucan, peacock, and a seagull.
  • Iberomesornis was the first bird brought to the park.
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