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Megaloceros (name meaning "Gigantic Large Horn"), also commonly known as "The Giant Deer" or "The Irish elk", is a species of giant deer that originated during the Pleistocene epoch in Europe. It is most closely related to the fallow deer. It was the largest form of deer of all time, dwarfing all modern species by far.



Megaloceros lived during the Pleistocene over 1 million years ago and lived up until the end of the Ice Ages 10,000 years ago.


Megaloceros was a giant form of deer and the males set a most impressive set of antlers. Each one was as long as a person. It was a wonder they could even hold their heads up.

Journal EntryEdit

A giant, prehistoric species of deer, the Megaloceros was the largest form of deer, literately dwarfing even the modern moose of today. The males set a most impressive pair of antlers, each as long as a grown man is tall. And it makes you wonder why they have trouble holding their heads up.
— Allen, in his Journal, about Megaloceros,


Trivia Edit

  • The sound effects of Megaloceros are a mix of moose, elk, camel, and deer sounds.
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