It's a tiny dinosaur called Microraptor, a dinosaur with four wings.
— Allen, describing Microraptor
in Dinobirds

Microraptor (name meaning "Small Thief") is a genus of small, four winged dromaeosaurid dinosaur that originated during the Early Cretaceous period in China. It fed on Insects and other small creatures. It had to be wary from the chance of being crushed by larger dinosaurs, such as Borealosaurus.


Era & DiscoveryEdit

Microraptor lived in China during the Early Cretaceous period from 130–120 million years ago. Their shared their environments with many pterosaurs, as well as dinosaurs like Incisivosaurus, Mei long, and the mighty sauropod dinosaurs Borealosaurus. Since their discovery in 2003, some Mircoraptor fossils have been found in China.

Physical AttributesEdit

One of the most bizarre dinosaurs ever discovered, Microraptor was a tiny dinosaur, in fact one of the smallest ever known, with four wings; two on each arm and two on both their legs, as well as a feathery tail. They stood about 77 centimeters tall and were only 2–3 feet long.

Behavior & TraitsEdit


Forests were good places for these dinosaurs to live in. Even though they had feathers, Microraptor couldn't fly like modern birds. Instead, they could only glide like the flying squirrels. But like modern birds and squirrels, they did live in tree tops.

These dinosaurs were fantastically acrobatic. They also lived in quite large numbers. Whenever they glided, they called to one-another and glided in one direction. Even though they could not do power flight however, they were superb gliders. They followed giant sauropods, like Borealosaurus. When they left footprints, they were deep enough to expose insects, which is what Mircoraptor fed on.

These small dinosaurs were faster than humans. They could use their claws like grappling irons and shin up trees like squirrels, but they couldn't take off from the ground like birds. They needed a launch platform.



  • Microraptor is the smallest dinosaur brought to the park.
  • The sound effects of Microraptor are that of birds, including parrots, and a big bit of monkey-like sounds as well.