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Moeritherium ("Moeris Beast") was a prehistoric mammalian animal related to the modern elephants that lived in the Eocene period.



Moeritherium lived in Mangroves during the Late Eocene period from 37-35 Million Years Ago.


Moeritherium species were pig-like animals that were smaller than modern elephants, standing only 100 centimeters (3.3 ft) high at the shoulder and were about 3 meters (9.8 ft) long. 

An amphibious mammal, these creatures were too large to be bothered but the usual predators such as crocodiles or sharks. By contrast, water wasn’t usually a dangerous place for these animals, as they spent most of their day in the water.

Although they were shaped like hippos and looked a bit like pigs, Moretherium were related to neither. Their nose betrayed their true family connection. Like their relative Arsinoitherium, these benign herbivores were early relatives of the elephant. At around 200 kilos, they were too big for the sharks.


Trivia Edit

  • The sound effects of Moeritherium are that of elephant as well as hippo, rhino, camel, and pig.