I think that the Ornithocheirus was lucky not to have been impaled by a large Plesiopleurodon and He would kill him.
— Allen and George Boggs, on Plesiopleurodon
Plesiopleurodon (name meaning "Near-sided Tooth") is a genus of plesiosauroid that originated during the Early Cretaceous period in what is now North America.

in Series 4 a pair of Plesiopleurodon were brought back to the park. They reside in the Marine exhibit.

Prehistoric Earth: A Natural HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit

In Giants of the Land and Skies, while the Ornithocheirus is flying over the ocean, a Plesiopleurodon is seen eying the huge pterosaur passing above the water surface in low flight. Although a genuine threat to a delicately built pterosaur and easily powerful enough to launch itself out of the water to a low height to grab the pterosaur from the air, the Plesiopleurodon seemed simply more curious than hostile. It raised its head up to look at what had passed overhead, and then it dipped its head back down as it carried on moving through his mysterious water.


  • Plesiopleurodon was one of the few prehistoric creatures not brought back to the park on its first encounter.
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