Rebecca Slatters is the park's animal manager. She is Allen's protégée, companion, and later his girlfriend. She is also an expert on paleoecology and botany and monitors the health of the animals when they are sick, comatose, and even dead.

Biography Edit

Rebecca was once a successful veterinarian but was dismissed from her job after the pet of a wealthy hospital benefactor died in her care. However, she was eventually sought out by Allen and offered a job. Also an adventurer, Rebecca goes with Allen on every mission throughout the series. However, she has difficulty exploring the world of Prehistoric Earth as well as the Prehistoric World itself and relies on Allen to help her better understand.

Personality Edit


Physical Appearance Edit

When going on adventures, Rebecca wears v-neck t-shirts under colored shirt paired with brown-taupe cargo pants, a bark brown belt, and knee-high brown boots.

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