"100 million years have passed and the fight for survival has filled the Silurian seas with variety."

The Silurian was the third time period in the history of prehistoric time of the Palaeozoic era. It lasted from 440-408 million years ago.

Facts[edit | edit source]


About 100 million years since the Cambrian period had past. And the fight for survival had already filled the Silurian seas with a variety of marine life. Some creatures in the oceans would be recognizable today. Sponges filtered food alongside sea urchins.

But land, however, during the Silurian was comparable to an alien planet, a barring expense of roasting rock that was hotter than the heat of the Sahara desert. The air during the Silurian would be toxic to humans. Much like the Ordovician, the air of the Silurian had much less oxygen but 300 times more carbon dioxide than in the 21st century. But however, some forms of life were able to survive in the furnace of the Silurian lands: the first pioneering plants called Cooksonia, which possessed a unique survival strategy. It was the first plant to send shoots upwards, trapping extra light to help it grow. Overtime, these basic designs eventually led to our tallest forests.

Wildlife[edit | edit source]

The list of animals during the Silurian:

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