Sue is a large female Tyrannosaurus. She first appeared in the Series Two season finale "Fall of a Kingdom Part II: The Return of the King". She was rescued from Late Cretaceous Montana 65 million years ago, just when the meteor struck along with her mate and chicks. She is arguably the Park's largest and most powerful predatory dinosaur. She is also the leader of her pack and mothered two babies: siblings Terrence and Matilda. Sue also managed to lay some more eggs so they will hatch.   


Fall of a Kingdom Pt. 1: Aquarium of HellEdit

After successfully surviving the exceeding dangers of the Late Cretaceous seas, saving their secondary target Tylosaurus, the team packs up to rescue their primary target: Tyrannosaurus. Sue is then seen at the end of the episode, overlooking the humans from a distance within a set of trees by the ocean and lets out a loud roar.

Fall of a Kingdom Pt. 2: The Return of the KingEdit

After encountering a flock of Ornithomimus, Allen and Becca encounter Sue and two male T. rexes. When the two adventurers run, the pack chases them but Allen and Becca are quick to lose them. Having traveled back to camp, Allen, Becca, and the Team wake up the next day to find a huge herd of Triceratops, one of T. rex's favorite food. And then follow a T. rex trail, leading the two to a T. rex lair.

In the lair, they find bones scattered all over the place and encounter five adult T. rex's: One enormous female (Sue), two large males (albeit smaller than Sue), and two mature adolescents, male and female, who are sparring with each other. The pack leaves to go hunting as Allen and Becca try to find unhatched T. rex eggs but there are emptily hatched already but they also find a small group of Cretaceous mammals called Didelphodon. They gather them up, along with a female Dinilysia they find, and have them taken back to the park.

Mammoth's Undertaking Journey Edit

When a female Columbian Mammoth with her baby follow the team through the time portal from the Pleistocene, Sue scares the baby, making the mother cause some mayhem around the park.


For a T. rex, let alone a female, Sue is relatively large for her species. Additionally, she is terrifying, powerful, persistent, and merciless, so much so to the point where she followed the team around her entire territory. Sue is arguably the largest predatory dinosaur in the park. She weighs 15,000+ pounds (6,803.8 kg), stands 20 feet (6.1 m) tall, and measures 50 feet (15.3 m) long.

Surprisingly, Sue also appears to be relatively intelligent, for a dinosaur, let alone, a T-Rex.

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