"Here, there are no separate continents, just one giant land mass called Pangaea."

The Triassic was a period in Earth's history. It also was the beginning of the Mesozoic, this period marked the beginning of the age of the dinosaurs dynasty. As the reptiles spread across the land, they also made their way into the seas and the skies. It lasted from 250-208 million years ago.



Early TriassicEdit

At the beginning of the Triassic Era, the Earth had begun to show signs of recovery since the hot and desolate desert world of Permian. The deserts stopped growing and huge forests of primitive conifer started to re-colonize the land. During this time, like the later Permian period before now, there were no separate cotenants, but only one enormous land mass named Pangaea.

Late TriassicEdit

Towards the end of the Triassic, Earth became a harsh place overwhelmed with endless burning deserts. The Triassic had already seen many different varieties of ancient reptiles come and go, but eventually, from the hot dry wilderness, something revolutionary appeared: a family of reptile destined to shape the course of all life on Earth for the next 160 million years. The shape of things to come, the Age of the Dinosaurs had begun.


  • Coelophysis
  • Cymbospondylus
  • Daemonosaurus
  • Euchamberisa
  • Euparkeria
  • Herrerasaurus
  • Liliensternus
  • Lystrosaurus
  • Nothosaurus
  • Peteinosaurus
  • Placerias
  • Plateosaurus
  • Postosuchus
  • Proterosuchus
  • Silesaurus
  • Tanystropheus
  • Thrinaxodon
  • Tuatara

The list of wildlife of the Triassic are:



Mammal-like ReptileEdit

Sea ReptilesEdit

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